Ideal Protein Testimonial

February 16, 2011 started events that are nothing short of amazing. At age 53, my wife and I started the Ideal Protein Diet. Big deal, you say? Well, it is! Let me tell you about it. I started out weighing over 400lbs. and my wife tipped the scales at 200lbs. To say the least, we were not very healthy or active. We started the diet together and in only 9 months, my wife lost 68lbs. I stayed on the plan a full 12 months and lost 200lbs. If these numbers don’t get your attention, try these: I started in a size 56 pants and a size 5XL shirt. As of February 21, 2012, I wear a size 34 pants and a LG shirt. My wife started at a size 16 jeans and a size 2XL shirt. As of February 21, 2012, my wife wears a size 4 jeans and a size medium shirt.

We are so much healthier than before we started the diet. Our blood pressure is down and we look and feel younger. People I’ve known all my life don’t recognize me now. This Program works! No one can be anymore skeptical than I was. I’d seen all the “miracle” diets on TV. This is different. No calorie counting, no exhausting workouts. Just follow the guidelines, use a little self-control and it will totally change you! The snacks and shakes are delicious. They taste better than most snacks off the shelf and they help you lose weight.

The support, understanding and help we received was unbelievable! To say this Program changed our life is an understatement. It gave back our life so we can enjoy it!

Paul and Karla V.
Hays, Kansas
September 2012

I have always struggled with my weight since high school. As a busy working mother, I never thought about myself, the way I looked, nor had the energy to do anything about it. I decided to check into the program when I talked to a friend that had successfully lost weight and kept it off using Ideal Protein. After I was taught how my body works, it made scientific sense and the pounds started melting off. I lost 100 pounds, 65.5 inches and 19% body fat in 9 months. I don’t think I could have done it without visiting with my wonderful coach weekly and discussing my progress and set-backs. Having that resource kept me honest about dieting and I looked forward to each visit as there was always progress. The best part is that I now have the knowledge and habits to keep it off along with so many healthful benefits. I feel better, have more energy, self esteem, fit into things I never thought I’d fit into again and best of all, no health concerns.

Shannon C.
Hays, Kansas
May 2011

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